We Are Olympus Mascots

We Make Mascot Dreams Come True

Mascots are not our hobby, they are our profession.

We started our mascot division in 1965 when McDonalds asked us if we would design and create the costume for Ronald McDonald.

Since then, we have made over 17,000 mascots for sports teams, schools, non-profits, and businesses big and small. These 6+ decades have made us masters at our craft, resulting in our mascots being trusted by hundreds of organizations. The craftsmanship and artistic talent of our mascot team is unmatched, and this is exemplified in every mascot we produce, just ask our customers!

Why We’re Leading the Mascot Industry

  • Quick Response – Our team’s commitment to our clients is unmatched, from the sales office to the back warehouse. One of our dedicated account reps will gladly walk you step-by-step through the mascot making process.
  • Customization – Our in-house sketching, molding, printing, and sewing departments allow us to customize mascots exactly to the customer’s specifications. Hand-sculpted heads, pantone color matching, over 300 fabrics in-house, and custom accessories allow for even more customization, so every Olympus mascot costume stands out.
  • Replication – Looking to place a bulk order or have a mascot replicated? We’ve got the connections, people, and the resources needed to make that happen. Our team can create quality mascots that are virtually indistinguishable from the initial design.
  • Post-Sale Support – We store the product codes, sketches, and design files for every mascot and mascot accessory that goes out or door. If your mascot needs extra outfits, some repair work, or a good ol’ cleaning, our refurbishment department is ready to help you out!


Whether you’re looking for 1 mascot or 100 we have the skill, personnel, and capacity to make your mascot dream come true. All you need to do is request a quote below!

Are you ready to bring your mascot to life?

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Want To Join Our Mascot Team?

We are always interested in bringing more talented creatives onto our team. If you believe you have a matching skillset, we’d love for you to send us an application!