Cal State Mascot In Arena

School Mascot Costumes

Olympus Mascots produces custom high school mascots, college mascots, and university mascots that hype up students & fans! We know that it’s important that your school mascot costume is done right. Whether you need your first mascot, a mascot redesign, or just a quick cleaning, we’re here to help your mascot best represent your school all year round. Put your school at the forefront with a custom school mascot from Olympus Mascots.

Duplicating Mascot Heads

Ready For Something New?

If you’re ready to make a change to your original school mascot design but don’t know where to start, we can help you redesign your school mascot to something you can be proud of. Our dedicated mascot specialists will walk you through the steps to redesign your school mascot costume. Request a mascot redesign quote today!

Mascot Head Duplication

Need Multiple School Mascot Costumes?

Mascots can have a pretty busy schedule – sometimes they even need to be in multiple places at once. At Olympus Mascots, we can make your first mascot look exactly like the second, fifth, and beyond. Contact us to get your mascot reproduced today.

Custom Mascot Costume Sketches

Digital Mascot Replication

If you already have a digital mascot that you use online or in print, our team of experts can turn the digital mascot image into a custom mascot character. We can match Pantone colors, print custom fabric with logos & patterns and design custom props to ensure your custom mascot character is an exact replication of your online digital mascot.

Mascot Costume Accessories

School Mascot Accessories

If you need your high school mascot or university mascot to make it to both your basketball and hockey games in the appropriate apparel, Olympus Mascots can create hats, jerseys or other accessories. Whatever clothing or props your school mascot needs, we’ve got you covered! Check out our mascot accessories or request a custom mascot accessories quote today!

Mascot Refurbishment

Your school mascot goes through a lot over the school year. To keep your mascot A+ quality, send your university or high school mascot in for a cleaning or repair job during summer or winter break.

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