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We’ve hand-crafted thousands of custom mascot characters including corporate mascots, university mascots, high school mascots, professional sports team mascots, charity mascots, non-profit mascots, and small business mascots. Directly from our customers’ perspective, read on about the work we’ve done and how our customers use their mascots to enhance engagement with their audience.
Southwest Airline's T.J. Luv on Display

A Southwest Side Story

One of the coolest things about Olympus’ refurbishment department is that we see mascots from all across the globe. However, the mascots in this story are from a company that makes travel possible in the first place, Southwest Airlines.

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mascot with classroom of kids

SHORT The Squirrel – Young Citizens

Literacy for Young Citizens is a non-profit organization created by two friends who met in college. Based in Alabama, the organization started in 2020 with the mission of promoting literacy to Alabama’s youth. They use their adorable mascot, SHORT the Squirrel, to help bring awareness to their mission.

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Sparky the Sun Devil – ASU

In the hot sun of Tempe, Arizona lives Arizona State University’s Sparky the Sun Devil. Sparky is the face of ASU and is constantly engaging with fans. What better way to spark school spirit than with an amazing mascot like Sparky!

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Jolly Good Soda Can With Fans

Jolly Good Soda Can Mascot – Krier Foods Inc.

Jolly Good, a soda brand created by Krier Foods, first emerged in the 1970’s. Based in Random Lake, Wisconsin, Krier Foods began canning vegetables in 1913, and made the switch solely to beverages in the 1950’s . The Jolly Good brand and its old-time flavors are making a comeback with the help of their product mascot, “Berry Blue.”

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Franklin Johnston Group – Bee Mascot

The Franklin Johnston Group, a multifamily residential manager and developer, has grown and planted properties along the East Coast. With such a large hive, the company is constantly recognizing their dedicated employees. What better way to build a “buzz” than with a custom company mascot?

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Chompers and Chew Chew Baseball Mascots

Hartford Yard Goats Mascots – Chompers & Chew Chew

The Hartford Yard Goats have two team mascots to brand the Minor League Baseball team. Baseball mascots Chompers and Chew bat home runs for the The Hartford Yard Goats’ team brand. The team mascots play a large role in fan engagement and social media advertising.

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Airy the Canary posing by firetruck

Jenkins Foundation – Airy the Canary Mascot

The Jenkins Foundation in sounding the alarm on carbon monoxide! Their bird mascot costume, Airy the Canary, promotes the foundation as a nonprofit mascot. Airy the Canary’s mascot meaning ties back to canary birds’ history. The bird mascot can be found on social media and in the organization’s educational programming.

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Cleveland Indian's hot dog mascots close up headshot

Cleveland Indians – Tribe Hot Dog Racing Mascots

Back in 2005, the Cleveland Indians followed suit with the Milwaukee Brewers and added their own in-game mascot race. The Indians started the Hot Dog Derby with three racing hot dog mascots: Onion, Mustard, and Ketchup. Over the years, the Tribe Hot Dogs have grown their presence at games, in the community, and on social media.

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