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Corporate Mascot Costumes

Your corporate mascot is the face of your brand. Turning your digital mascot into a custom mascot character creates opportunities to engage your customers in a personal and interactive way. Whether you need one mascot costume or 100, you can trust Olympus Mascots to bring your brand to life with a corporate mascot, brand mascot, or business mascot.

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Corporate Mascot Programs

If you’re a franchise looking for multiple business mascots in different locations, our corporate mascot programs provide individual serialization, exact replication, mascot warehousing, and annual refurbishment services. Learn more about our programs for corporate mascot costumes here.

Buffalo Wild Wings Head Mascot Costume

Exact Reproduction

Sometimes your company mascot needs to be in more than one place at once. Olympus Group saves every pattern we create in order to reproduce a custom mascot costume at any time. Our team of experts can reproduce the exact same version of your mascot character as many times as you’d like. Request a quote to expand your corporate mascot collection today!

Geico Gecko Waving

Digital Mascot Replication

If you already have a digital mascot that you use online or in print, our team of experts can turn the digital mascot image into a custom mascot character. We can match Pantone colors, print custom fabric with logos & patterns and design custom props to ensure your custom mascot character is an exact replication of your online digital mascot.

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Quick Production

In-house experts and state-of-the-art technology allow us to create one-of-a-kind mascot characters with the fastest turnaround times in the industry, whether it is a brand mascot, company mascot, or business mascot. Need your custom mascot created fast? Request a quote today!

Mascot Refurbishment

Every custom mascot we create comes with care and cleaning guidelines, and when your mascot costumes need a little more TLC, we can deep clean, repair, and refurbish them at our facility to extend the life of your mascot investment.

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