Mascot Cleaning And Refurbishment

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Olympus Mascots is your one stop shop for your mascot cleaning, maintenance, and refurbishment needs!

Olympus Mascots has been producing mascots for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve produced over 17,000 mascots across a wide range of industries. Through the decades, we’ve perfected the art of mascot repair for both character mascots and foam mascots. Whether your mascot needs a complete makeover or just a good scrub down, we have the staff and the knowledge necessary to bring your mascot back to life!

Your mascot does not need to be an Olympus Mascot for us to work on it. No matter your mascot’s origins, we can help you out. We work on all types of mascots from all sorts of vendors. Our refurbishment process prioritizes cleanliness, color matching, and fur conditioning, while keeping the mascot structurally sound inside and out. Whether you have 1 mascot or 100, here is the process every mascot goes through when it arrives at our mascot spa:

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Step 1

Sending us your mascot.

Upon submitting a refurbishment request one of our friendly sales representatives will reach out to you. We’ll have you pack up your mascot and send it our way.

Step 2

Initial Assessment

After we receive the mascot we’ll start an assessment in which we’ll document its condition and take some photos for our notes. Immediately following the completion of our initial assessment, we will contact you to go over an itemized list detailing what we found and what our recommended fixes are. The final decision on what we do is completely up to you. Together we will find a refurbishment plan that satisfies your expectations, budget, and time frame.

Step 3

Preparation and Cleaning

Once you have decided on what you want us to perform, we will get to work! We’ll draw out any stains, sanitize each surface, and thoroughly wash all furs. If all you were looking for was a cleaning, we will promptly ship your mascot back once everything is dry and we have your approval.

Step 4

Repairing and Replacing

If you were looking for repair work in addition to cleaning, we’ll start working on the components of your mascot as they dry. We can work on everything from interior to exterior. If we can’t clean or fix something, we have all the tools, knowledge, and parts necessary to replace it.

Step 5

Final Assessment

Once we finish our repair work, we will do one final inspection where we will take photos of the refurbished mascot and log the work completed. We then pack your mascot up and send it back your way!

If you have a mascot in need of some professional TLC, we got you covered. Whether you need a simple cleaning or an extensive refurbishment overhaul, we’d be more than happy to restore your mascot to its former glory! Below you can find our mascot Cleaning & Refurbishment quote form. Once you fill it out, we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Together we will find a refurbishment solution that fits your vision, timeline, and budget.

Looking for an example of our refurbishment work? Check out our customer story featuring the mascot of Dayton Noon Lion’s Club. This heartwarming customer story goes beyond just fixing up a damaged mascot head, it highlights the story of a small-town costume store owner, and the effort’s her family took to honor her legacy!

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