Yogi Bear mascot

Mascot Cleaning And Repair

Our mascot cleaning and repair team will help extend the life of your mascot. During the off-season, make sure to send your mascot in for a little pampering. Whether you need a cleaning, repair, replacement of missing parts, or all of the above, we can help you out! We begin by evaluating everything that needs to be done with your mascot costume, then we create an itemized list for you to review. You then decide how much pampering you would like for your mascot.

Mascot Cleaning and Repair Process


Mascot Sent To Olympus​


cleaning and repair for mascot costume

Olympus Conducts an Assessment


Refurbishment Itemized List

Itemized list and quote provided to customer


Cleaning Bear Mascot Head

Olympus cleans the mascot


Mascot Repair

Olympus repairs the mascot


Mascot is sent back to the customer

Get mascot cleaning & repair Quote