Roman the Buffalo Mascot

Buffalo Construction, Inc. - Roman the Buffalo Mascot

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Not surprisingly, the buffalo has always been a major symbol of the Buffalo Construction, Inc. brand. From logos, to buffalo trophies and stuffed animals, to employees calling themselves “the Herd”, the buffalo impacts every part of the company culture. For the company’s twentieth anniversary in 2017, they brought their logo to life with the creation of a sweet buffalo mascot costume named Roman A. Buffalo. 

“Having a mascot says so much about our culture and who we are. We’re family driven and fun, so I would absolutely say that Roman is a huge part of who we are as a company.”​
Roman the Buffalo Mascot
Andrea Pachner​
Chief Fun Officer // Buffalo Construction, Inc.
Roman the Buffalo Mascot
Roman the Buffalo Mascot
Roman the Buffalo Mascot with crowd

The buffalo mascot & employee appreciation

Construction is a difficult job, so Buffalo Construction, Inc. tries to show their employees appreciation with jobsite cookouts from time to time. Bringing Roman to jobsites adds some fun to the day and shows that the vendor partners and teammates are really cared for, on top of being a great marketing talking point for the brand.

Roman is always very well-received by the construction workers, and they love having him attend jobsites. Roman A. Buffalo, the buffalo mascot, also attends ribbon cuttings for completed projects to celebrate the employees’ hard work.

Roman the Buffalo Mascot Christmas

Celebrating with Roman

Birthday celebrations are some of Roman’s favorite events. To celebrate the birthday of the company’s President, Roman participated in a dance party with him. For one of the Vice President’s birthdays, the company brought in an Elvis impersonator, who also was joined by dancing Roman. Despite the limited mobility in the mascot costume, Roman always finds a way to dance.

In addition to birthdays and company events, Roman attends community events and celebrations too. Roman’s first time around kids was at an elementary school to celebrate “Love to Read Day”. All the kids were very excited to see the mascot costume, and he even took all of the attention away from the reader of the story. Most kids love Roman, so any appearance with children present is sure to be a hit.

Roman the Buffalo Mascot with employees on his lap

‘Tis The Season – Roman And Holidays

Not only does Roman have his regular everyday outfit, he also has holiday themed mascot outfits for all the different events he attends. Olympus Mascots has assisted Buffalo Construction, Inc. in created mascot outfits for the company’s “Buff-olympics” competition, Halloween, Christmas, and they hope to create outfits for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day as well.

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“I don’t always know what exactly I want, I know the general idea, but the team at Olympus has been extremely helpful and creative in making my ideas become a reality.”​
Roman the Buffalo Mascot
Andrea Pachner​
Chief Fun Officer // Buffalo Construction, Inc.

Buffalo Construction, Inc. Mascot Tips​:

Tip 1

Understand the crowd you will be in – be able to alter your mascot’s performance based on the crowd’s reaction.

Tip 2

Consider adding a cooling mechanism. Even if it’s 60 degrees outside, your performer will still probably be sweating in the suit.

Tip 3

Take advantage of opportunities to get your mascot involved in company and community events. It helps to strengthen the brand!

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