Franklin Johnston Group – Bee Mascot


The Franklin Johnston Group, a multifamily residential manager and developer, has grown and planted properties along the East Coast. In total, the 500 busy bees at Franklin Johnston have created over 19,000 units and 115 properties in seven different states. With such a large hive, the company is constantly recognizing their dedicated employees. What better way to build a “buzz” than with a custom company mascot?

An Internal Mascot Blooms

Annually, the Franklin Johnston Group senior executives have a retreat to discuss policies, core values, and the company’s mission statement. The executive team is committed to excellence and want to make Franklin Johnston Group the best place to work. At the 2018 company retreat, the tagline of “Be the solution” was created. From it, the idea for an internal mascot bloomed.


Choosing A Company Mascot

To pick their company mascot, the Franklin Johnston Group conducted a custom mascot contest with their employees. A mascot contest involving your audience can aide in building your brand’s story and help people connect with your mascot. Multiple employees submitted ideas relating to the company’s slogan of “Be the solution,” but turned it into “Bee the solution,” with a custom bee mascot.

Franklin Johnston employees put a lot of thought into the mascot contest and were able to tie in the symbolism of a bee mascot in the following ways:

  • Honeybees build permanent communities with legendary teamwork. The small creatures are important to the ecosystem, and the results of their hard work is always sweet- just like the hard work of Franklin Johnston employees.
  • Bumblebees help pollinate and allow new things to grow and flourish. The Franklin Johnston Group helps properties grow and flourish every day!


By having employees submit how a bee mascot relates to Franklin Johnston Group’s values, their company mascot automatically became a mascot by their people and for their people.

The Bee Mascot Creates a Buzz

As soon as Bee the Solution developed wings and left the hive, he created a buzz. The company mascot is used at grand openings for communities, company events, and charity events. If a Franklin Johnston community receives an award, Bee aides in presenting it. The bee mascot is also active on Franklin Johnston’s social media accounts. Check out the Bee on their Instagram and Facebook pages!


An Internal Mascot’s Positive Impact

Unlike most custom mascots, Bee the Solution was created to be an internal mascot for the Franklin Johnston Group. When he makes his regular appearances, no one knows who is in the costume. The bee mascot exists to motivate employees and is part of an internal award system program. Every week, employees will nominate one another for the “Bee the solution” recognition award. When the email announcing the winner is sent out, it generates a large amount of employee engagement.

The bee mascot also walks around the office handing out candy and wishing employees a happy birthday. Employees always know something good is coming every time they see the bee buzzing around the office!

"I was impressed with the involved sales process and quality design of the mascot costume. Olympus Mascots' attention to detail and intricate costume design made our bee mascot a success!"
Gloria Harrison
Vice President // Franklin Johnston Group

mascot Tips From The Franklin Johnston Group

Tip 1

Create a mascot with a story. Developing a backstory for your custom mascot will make it more meaningful and personal for your audience.


Tip 2

Use props to incorporate various areas of your business. Bee the Solution dons a ball cap with the Franklin Johnston logo to represent maintenance employees.

Tip 3

Utilize internal branding to make your mascot an ambassador of your company’s culture and values. Consult your employees if you need ideas!

Build a "Buzz" With a Mascot Costume Quote!