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Jolly Good Soda Can Mascot - Krier Foods Inc.

Pop! goes a can of Jolly Good soda. As the can opens, memories of feel-good nostalgia pour out. Jolly Good, a soda brand created by Krier Foods, first emerged in the 1970’s. Based in Random Lake, Wisconsin, Krier Foods began canning vegetables in 1913, and made the switch solely to beverages in the 1950’s . The Jolly Good brand and its old-time flavors are making a comeback with the help of their product mascot, “Berry Blue.”

A “Berry Good” Product Mascot

The Jolly Good brand resonates in people’s minds as Wisconsin’s old-time soda that was always at Grandma’s house or brought on family camping trips. It’s a brand from everyone’s childhood. The brand briefly disappeared in the early 2000’s due to inability to get shelf space. Having a brand mascot has allowed Jolly Good to let its fans know that their favorite soda has hit the shelves once again. The product mascot was designed as a giant can in the flavor of Blue Raspberry and has been a “berry good” product mascot since being introduced in early 2020.

Naming the Can Mascot

Although the Blue Raspberry flavor was chosen as the product mascot’s design, Jolly Good fans had a chance to name the can. Jolly Good ran a naming contest on their website and across their social media platforms to choose the name of “Berry Blue.” Fans were excited to be involved in the mascot naming process.

Jolly Good Soda Mascot Name

Poppin’ Off on Social Media

“The jokes in the bottom of the can,” used to be the tagline of Jolly Goods soda. Back in the day, the original can was three parts. When you drank the delicious soda and emptied the can, at the bottom, there would be a joke. Although the today’s cans do not include the jokes, you can find them fizzing in Jolly Good’s Joke Jam episodes. Sip on Jolly Good’s social media fun on Instagram and Facebook!

Jolly Good Soda can mascot with child
Jolly Good Soda can mascot with children

A Brand Mascot That CAN

The Jolly Good brand mascot originated as part of a sponsorship for a local baseball organization. The soda can mascot continues to make a presence in the community at local parades, events, and festivals. Both kids and adults flock to Berry Blue to take photos and to “savor the flavor” of the brand mascot. When it’s not in use, the product mascot costume serves a dual purpose as display item in the Krier Foods office. Berry Blue is the brand mascot that CAN!

"We cannot say enough great things about the team at Olympus! We sought out Olympus for our first ever mascot because we had heard such amazing things about the company. The team at Olympus not only met the expectations that we had going into the project, but exceeded them with their professionalism, constant communication and overall delivery of an amazing product. We enjoyed the experience so much that we’re already working on adding another flavor to our mascot team!"
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Nicole Depies
Marketing Coordinator // Krier Foods Inc. & Jolly Good

mascot Tips From Krier Foods & Jolly Good

Tip 1

Use your brand’s history to put together your mascot. A mascot can help add value to your brand and can educate your customers on your history.


Tip 2

Choose a reputable company to create your product mascot. Do your research, and make sure you are choosing a reputable company.

Tip 3

Consider the height of the performer that will be wearing your mascot costume. If a performer is shorter than the height recommendations, they may not be able to properly see out of the costume.

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