Wayne the Rain drop and Loo Poo

Pheonix Water Recycling Mascots

PHX Water and City Of Pheonix Logos
In some places, “It’s raining cats and dogs,” but if you’re in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s raining mascots for Phoenix Water. The City of Phoenix Water Services Department has been dousing homes, businesses, and the community affordable, reliable water for over 100 years. Phoenix Water’s dedication to educating kids and adults on conservation and sustainability sets them apart from other water utilities companies. Their successful reservoir of environmental education programing wouldn’t be possible without their two company mascots, Wayne Drop and Loo Poo.

Wayne Drop Comes in With the Rain

The water utility company’s mascot of, Wayne Drop, fell from the sky in 2017, with design inspiration from ‘Water – Use it Wisely’, a statewide organization focused on water conservation. The Wayne Drop mascot represents water’s cycle and how to preserve the natural resource. Since Phoenix water must travel through 7,000 miles of pipes before reaching a consumer’s home; once it reaches its destination, it must not be wasted! Wayne Drop showers water wisdom to adults and children by teaching actions like taking shorter showers, shutting off the faucet while brushing your teeth, and much more!

Wayne the Rain drop with fans
Wayne the Rain drop high-fives child

The Newest Phoenix Water Mascot: Loo Poo

Representing Phoenix Water’s slogan of “What We Do with Your Poo,” Loo Poo is the go-to guy for wastewater and sustainability understanding. Loo Poo stands behind the good, the bad, and the stinky waste that comes from toilets, drains, and sinks. He also flushes the public with knowledge on Phoenix Water’s wastewater treatment process. Special to the City of Phoenix’s water system, reclaimed water is pumped from the 91st Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant over to the Tres Rios Wetlands, where it rehabilitates around 700 acres surrounding the Salt River. Since the majority of Phoenix’s wastewater is recycled, the Loo Poo mascot is vital in promoting safe and reusable wastewater.

Wayne the Rain drop and Loo Poo wearing masks with woman

Unboxing the Wastewater Recycling Mascot

As a new company mascot, Loo Poo needed to learn the ropes of water conservation and wastewater before venturing out into the community. Wayne Drop, who was used to being the thundering center of attention, was the best mascot character to train Loo Poo for the job. Check out this video of Loo Poo arriving and causing a stink!

Animated Mascots Soak Up Attention

When it comes to brand building, Loo Poo and Wayne Drop have erupted a dam of positive impacts. The animated mascots help distinguish Phoenix Water. Kids love to run up and hug Wayne Drop and Loo Poo during city events. The mascots are widely accepted and are icons in the community, as well as on social media. The emoji animated mascots stand out on Phoenix Water’s InstagramTwitter and Facebook pages. The business mascots even have their own social media cartoon character logos!

Phoenix Water’s Mascot Program

With the help of Wayne Drop and Loo Poo, Phoenix Water consistently showers the community with knowledge and educational programming. The water recycling mascots visit schools, partake in city events, and ride in their own mascot mobile float during city parades. Water mascot, Wayne Drop, soaks up some sweat at the mascot game held at Arizona State University where he plays against area baseball and hockey team mascots. As part of their business mascot program, Phoenix Water also provides downloadable educational coloring activity books. Each book is 12 pages long and filled with educational cartoons, word searches, mazes, and interactive activities geared to promote water awareness.

Check out the activity books:

“We really wanted to bring our animated mascots to life and working with Olympus helped us accomplish that goal. Olympus was able to take our drawings and ideas and put them into the real world. We were updated regularly on the process, types of materials, and even minor details- I really appreciated this throughout the mascot creation process!”
PHX Water and City Of Pheonix Logos
Christian Delgado
City of Pheonix

Mascot Tips from Phoenix Water

Tip 1

Invest in mascot accessories to compliment your mascot costume design.

Tip 2

In the design process, send as many pictures and ideas possible.

Tip 3

Visualize how your mascot will be utilized and who will be wearing the costume.

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