A Southwest Side Story

Southwest Airline's T.J. Luv on Display

One of the coolest things about Olympus’ refurbishment department is that we see mascots from all across the globe. However, the mascots in this story are from a company that makes travel possible in the first place, Southwest Airlines.

Your First Time as a Mascot

A pioneer mascot on a football field in front of a firework.

Preparing to be a mascot for the first time? We’ve got your back! This Q&A focuses on the common concerns of first time mascot performers.

Where to Find a Mascot Performer

Looking to hire a mascot performer to perform inside your mascot costume? We’ve compiled a list of places to find quality mascot talent for all budget, frequency, and performance levels!

The Story of the West Iron Wykon

The Wykon is turning small town dreams into big time fun! Follow West Iron Public Schools as they turn their historic logo into a real life mascot.

Mascots and Weather

Mascots love the outdoors! However, some weather conditions are better for them than others. This blog explores the relationship between mascots and weather!