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5 Fool-Proof Ways to Introduce Your New Mascot

Why Introduce a New Mascot?

You’ve designed your custom mascot costume, and you’ve chosen your deserving mascot performer, but, now what? How are you going to introduce your mascot to the world?

Will Rogers once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Your mascot’s introduction is vital to your mascot character’s success in promoting your brand. From the first moment your character steps onto the field or appears at an event, you want them to connect with your fans and to become the face of your brand. The big question is- how do you do it?

With our over 45 years of experience in creating mascots, Olympus Mascots has compiled five ways YOU can successfully introduce your mascot. When it comes to mascot introductions, go big or go home, and get inspired by these five fool-proof ways to introduce YOUR new custom mascot!

1. Use a Prop!

Arkansas State University-Newport’s mascot introduction had its audience wondering, “Is it a bird?” or “Is it a plane?” when they introduced Ace the Aviator with a Blackhawk plane piloted by an Arkansas Army Guardsman. Ace touched down during a welcome picnic with students and faculty members. The university mascot’s landing parachuted Ace as a brand representative of ASU-Newport. If you don’t have access to a plane, consider using a decorated car, golf-cart, float, or other type of mobile prop to drive your mascot’s success.

Watch Ace’s flight touch down in this video!

2. New Mascots In The Media.

If your brand has a large social media following, engineer a promotion video! This proved to be a successful introduction for the Mississippi State Racing Cowbell Mascots. To unveil the cowbells, MS State created a spin-off of the ‘Family Matters’ introduction and the video went viral amongst fans. During each game, they continue to use sections from the video to announce the cowbells prior to the race.

Another way to integrate your mascot’s introduction into the media, would be to film a skit! The Truliant Credit Union introduced Truceratops via a Tik-Tok video skit advertising the credit union’s culture. Check out the dancing dinosaur’s introduction!

3. Don’t Throw Out That Box!

Wait! Before you throw out the original packing that your mascot costume arrived in, consider an “unboxing” reveal for your new mascot! Phoenix Water introduced their second mascot, Loo Poo, with an unboxing video staring their first mascot, Wayne Drop. In the days and weeks leading up to the premiere of the unboxing video, Phoenix Water posted teasers and countdowns on their social platforms.

Save your box and take some inspiration from Phoenix Water’s video!

4. Take a Mascot Introduction Road Trip.

A mascot introduction doesn’t have to be a one and done ordeal- take your new mascot on the road, or, if you’re Tormenta FC, around the world! Bolt the Ibis visited the hometown of every player on the Tormenta FC soccer club to excite fans and players about the upcoming season. Tormenta FC filmed a video of Bolt arriving at the Savannah Airport and shared the video on social media. Bolt then made his first official appearance at the inaugural home opening game.

Catch Bolt landing at his final destination in this video!

5. Steal a Base and the Spotlight!

If you are introducing a racing mascot or are a sponsor of a sports team, consider connecting with game coordinators to have your mascot character throw out the first pitch or star in a half time show activity. Texas Roadhouse’s famous mascot of Andy Armadillo threw the opening pitch at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. In fact, he ended up making it all the way to the backstop!

Get inspired by Andy’s pitcher skills in this video:

By creatively introducing your mascot, you are launching a bright future for your brand character and future mascot marketing efforts. If you’re looking to build upon your mascot’s backstory and want to integrate them deeper into your brand’s unique culture, check out “Our Projects” where customers describe their mascot character’s creation stories. With all of these ideas and sample videos, your new mascot is set to make a great first impression!

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