Starting a Corporate Mascot Program

Culver's Scoopy walking in a state fair

Starting and maintaining a Corporate Mascot Program can be an intimidating task. In this blog we list some things to consider before choosing a mascot vendor.

Your Guide to Mascots and TikTok

TikTok is a social media that’s perfect for your brand’s mascot. We built a guide with some strategies and examples to help you get started.

6 Signs Your Mascot Needs Cleaning

Person cleaning mascot heads

Having a mascot costume means that you will need to clean it to keep it looking fresh and new. There are ways you can do that yourself, but there will be a time when you need to let a professional handle it. How do you know when it is that time? Read this blog to discover 6 signs that your mascot costume needs to be professionally refurbished.

7 Reasons To Buy A Custom Mascot Costume

Racing sausages custom mascot costumes

Nowadays, most brands want a mascot costume to help their brand stand out. Why should you purchase a custom mascot costume over a generic costume? Read this blog to find out 7 reasons why a custom mascot will be beneficial for your company!

Fundraising for a High School Mascot

UC Irving Mascot at Basketball Game

School Mascots can make a huge difference in a school’s spirit and can create lifelong memories for students over the years. But purchasing a mascot can be scary, especially when looking at prices. That’s why you need to consider the price of a custom mascot, the reasons you should get one, and importantly, how you can fundraise for your very own custom mascot costume!

Mascot Feet: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Three mascot feet lined up in a row

From bird feet to sneakers, there are many different kinds of mascot feet. Mascot branding is super important for a mascot’s identity and mascot feet can help to complete that character.