6 Signs Your Mascot Needs Cleaning

Person cleaning mascot heads

Having a mascot costume means that you will need to clean it to keep it looking fresh and new. There are ways you can do that yourself, but there will be a time when you need to let a professional handle it. How do you know when it is that time? Read this blog to discover 6 signs that your mascot costume needs to be professionally refurbished.

SHORT The Squirrel – Young Citizens

mascot with classroom of kids

Literacy for Young Citizens is a non-profit organization created by two friends who met in college. Based in Alabama, the organization started in 2020 with the mission of promoting literacy to Alabama’s youth. They use their adorable mascot, SHORT the Squirrel, to help bring awareness to their mission.

7 Reasons To Buy A Custom Mascot Costume

Racing sausages custom mascot costumes

Nowadays, most brands want a mascot costume to help their brand stand out. Why should you purchase a custom mascot costume over a generic costume? Read this blog to find out 7 reasons why a custom mascot will be beneficial for your company!

Mascot Feet: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Three mascot feet lined up in a row

From bird feet to sneakers, there are many different kinds of mascot feet. Mascot branding is super important for a mascot’s identity and mascot feet can help to complete that character.