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7 Reasons To Buy A Custom Mascot Costume

Custom mascot costumes can be a great way to take your brand to a new level, but why should your brand invest in a mascot made in America for $4,500-7,500 over a generic costume for $500-2000? Custom mascot companies, like Olympus, offer many benefits in addition to the high quality costumes they produce. If you order a custom mascot costume, here are 7 benefits: 

1. All the Customization

When you purchase a custom mascot costume, you are able to design it to your liking. You likely already have a design or logo for your company, so you will want your mascot to be the same. You will be able to add your own logos and color match to your company’s colors. You can customize materials, outfits, gloves, feet, and more. Custom mascot costumes make your mascot unique and special to your organization, so you can be sure that your brand’s values are represented accurately. 

close up shot of orange mascot feet
These are the generic mold of mascot feet - you can customize colors and add your company's logo to help them fit your brand!

2. Custom Mascot Accessories

When ordering a custom mascot, you also get the opportunity to add mascot accessories. Designing a knight mascot costume? Order a shield or sword. Need a fun gimmick for your character? Get a purse or baseball bat! Is your mascot going to attend a lot of community appearances? Order different outfits to show off every time. The options are limitless and can elevate your character’s personality. Mascot accessories are great for brand-building and can make your custom mascot more fun. 

mascots showing accessories
The Tribe Hot Dogs showing off some custom mascot accessories.

3. The Best Materials

Custom mascot costumes are hand-sewn by professionals with the highest quality materials. Generic mascot heads typically only have one material option available, meaning you may not receive the exact level of facial detail you’d like. Custom mascot heads have different material options available, depending on the functionality of your mascot: traditional sculpted foam, vacuum-formed foam, and vacuum-formed plastic. Generic mascots are typically made with cheap snaps and zippers that will get stuck or break easily. Custom mascots are hand-stitched to ensure the costume stays together and they use zippers that won’t get stuck. The use of the best material possible extends the life of your mascot and will allow your brand to provide excellent entertainment for years to come.

4. Fit To your Performer

It is highly probable that your mascot costume will be worn by many different performers over time. A custom mascot costume allows you to purchase customizable gear for the inside of the costume to help with the fit, such as adjustable foot straps, helmets, and shoulder straps. A custom mascot costume is fit to your performer and looks great at appearances and in photos.

5. Ease Of Cleaning

With custom mascot costumes, you not only receive a customizable, fit-to-your-brand mascot and an incredible sales process, but most custom mascots are relatively easy to clean. When you order a generic costume, many are made of a latex material that is near impossible to clean and dirties fast – and once it gets dirty beyond repair, the costume is done. With custom mascots, they are made of easy-to-clean material such as plastic and foam – all you need to do is wipe it down or spray it regularly and ensure the foam doesn’t become too damaged. While some personal maintenance is required with custom mascots, many companies will gladly take in your costume and clean or repair it for you professionally. This extends the life of your costume and ensures your mascot is up to par for your marketing strategy. 

6. Range of Vision

Line of sight is one of the most critical components when designing a mascot costume. When you order a custom mascot costume, your mascot consultant will work with you to find the best place for the mascot’s vision. Sight out of custom mascot costume is also adjustable with the addition of helmets and headgear. A generic costume does not offer you these same luxuries and your performer may have a poor line of sight because of it. For more vision design considerations, read our blog on mascot sight.  

picture showing mascot vision
In this picture, you can see a mesh covering the owl's mouth - this is where the mascot performer sees out of.

7. Support Every Step Of The Way

Since you probably don’t buy mascot costumes often, you are going to have questions about a lot of things, and your mascot consultant will have answers. From the moment you request a quote on a custom mascot maker’s site, your consultant will be very involved and will provide a high level of communication. They will be dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest quality costume and help you meet your brand’s standards. They will follow-up on every detail and bring up things you probably wouldn’t think about, such as foot length, cooling fans, and more. The consultant will likely provide additional care or cleaning guides, making your mascot costume last. The sales process for a custom mascot costume may be a little longer than the one for a generic costume, but you will receive the highest level of attention and get exactly what you want. 

Custom mascot costumes can fall on the pricier side, but with high quality materials, a tailored fit, all the customization, and additional mascot accessories, the price is worth it. Your mascot will be a reflection of your brand that you will likely have for years to come, so you will want to get it right the first time. 

Struggling to come up with the funds to purchase a custom mascot costume? Check out our blog on fundraising to cover the cost!

If your company is still wondering whether or not to purchase a mascot costume, here are 4 additional reasons you need to. Request a quote today to get started on one of the biggest benefits to your marketing strategy: a mascot!

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