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6 Reasons to Get Your Mascot Costume Professionally Cleaned

Proper storage, cleaning and transportation of your mascot is vital to keeping the costume looking fresh and clean. There are many ways you can clean the mascot costume yourself, but there comes a time when spot cleaning just isn’t enough. Your mascot is a key representative of your brand, so maintaining a fresh appearance is important. Take a look at some maintenance tips and signs that is time to consider getting your mascot professionally cleaned. 

Upkeep and Maintenance

To keep your mascot costume looking its best, you should maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Here are some easy ways to clean the costume yourself between uses: 

  • Spray a bleach-free disinfectant on any fur or hair. Test a smaller strand in a relatively hidden place first to ensure there will be no damage. 
  • Softly brush the fur or hair to prevent matting and make it appear neater. Avoid over-brushing. 
  • Wipe down the inside of the costume, especially the head, between uses with a wipe or water-based solution. 
  • If you can, machine wash your mascot costume on a regular basis. Use the gentle cycle with cold water. NEVER put your costume in the dryer – air dry only. 
Be careful how you carry your costume when transporting it, especially when it comes to fragile parts such as ears or horns. Try your best to store your mascot costume in a non-humid environment, as that will ensure the integrity and longevity of it. For more tips on how to extend the life of your mascot, read this blog

When To Consider Professional Refurbishment

If spot cleaning your mascot costume is no longer maintaining the look and feel of a brand-new costume, consider sending your mascot in to a company like Olympus for a professional cleaning and refurbishment. If you’re wondering whether it is time to let the professionals handle it, here at 6 signs to send your costume in for cleaning or refurbishment: 

1. When it begins to smell

If your costume starts to have an odor and can be described as “smelly”, it may be time for a professional treatment. Your mascot performers will be unhappy and unsafe if the smell becomes an issue, and it could affect your fans, too. 

2. Visible stains

If there are large, visible stains on your mascot costume that won’t come out with spot-cleaning, it’s time to send it in. Having stains on the outside of your costume can ruin the image consumers have of your brand. Ensure your mascot stays clean by regularly sending it in for professional cleaning. 

3. Broken Zippers or Missing Snaps

There is more to keeping a mascot costume fresh and clean than just cleaning – you must ensure the essential parts that help your performer put the costume on are in working order, too. If the zippers or snaps on your mascot costume go missing or break, it is time for a professional to replace them!

4. Worn out Accessories

Some parts of your mascot costume will be used more and thus exposed to more potentially damaging conditions. Accessories such as the head and feet will wear out much quicker than the body. Make sure your performer is doing their best to avoid water, dirt, mud, or other substances when walking. When the soles of the feet or the helmet in the head begin to wear out, a professional can replace them and help make your mascot look good as new!

5. if it becomes moldy

With multiple performers using the same costume over and over again, some parts of the mascot may begin to mold over time without proper care. If mold begins to appear, conditions inside the mascot costume will become unsafe and it is best to have the costume professionally cleaned. 

6. Damaged Vision Screens

Vision is vital for mascot performers. It becomes dangerous if a mascot performer cannot see out of the costume. If the vision screens become damaged, torn, or dirty, send your mascot in for refurbishment immediately. 

Ensuring your mascot costume looks clean is a very important part of having a mascot costume. While you can maintain the look of your costume pretty easily yourself, there are some times where it is best to let a professional handle it. If your mascot is displaying any of the aforementioned signs, it is recommended to send your costume in. Olympus has professional cleaners and refurbishment staff on hand to get your mascot looking like its best self again! Fill out the form below and get started on fixing your mascot today. 

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