Mascot Vision: Inside a Mascot Head

On the outside, custom mascot costumes are bright, easy to spot, and larger than life. But, what’s it like inside of a mascot? You can clearly see a mascot, but can a mascot clearly see you? Depending on the mascot design, there are three different types of mascot vision available. Mascot vision can be through the eyes, mouth, or a specially designed foam shape.

Visibility is an important aspect of a mascot costume. For a performer to be their best, they must be able to see. Active mascot performers, like racing mascots, require more visibility and a clearer line of sight. A more sedentary or display mascot performer may only need to have enough vision to know where they are going. Sight inside of a mascot head is also adjustable for a performer with a helmet on brackets to accommodate different heights. It’s important to incorporate the question of “how can a mascot see?” into the design process of your professional mascot costume. Let’s go inside a mascot head and find the mascot vision perfect for your next character!

Mascot Vision Through the Eyes

Like the humans and animals they imitate, mascots can use their eyes to see too. Durable screen fabric material can cover the eyes of a mascot suit and provide screened vison for the performer. The screen material provides clear outward vision.

Most mascot costumes have eyes built into the character’s design, but only part of the time are they what the performer utilizes for vision. If the eyes of a mascot are not being used as the primary source of sight for the performer, they will not be made from screen material. Instead, fabric, foam, and plastic will be used and make a costume’s eyes appear three dimensional and realistic.

Mascot Vision Through the Mouth

If a mouth is being used as the sight source for a mascot costume, an open mouth design is recommended. An open mouth provides optimal vision for a mascot performer due to the length and width of a mascot’s smile. Mascot vision through the mouth is easy to blend into the costume’s overall design with a durable screen fabric covering.

Due to the mouth of a mascot being lower than its eyes, a possible concern of vision through the mouth may be that a performer could be seen inside of the mascot costume. Quality design and concealment properties can ensure that a mascot performer can see their audience, but their audience can not see them.

Other Mascot Vision Considerations

Typically, mascot vision is blended into the eyes or mouth of a mascot head. However, depending on the costume design and how it will fit a performer, this is not always possible or the best design option. In those cases, vision can be specially built into the neck, nose, or body of a mascot suit. If vision is put into the nostrils of a costume, reticulated foam can be used to conceal it. The line of sight through the nose can be narrow, so a hole is sometimes placed on the bottom or underside of the chin to add downward vision

No matter if your character is a human, animal, or an object, it’s important to consider the best place for your costume’s line of sight. This will allow your performer to perform to the best of their ability. For more mascot performer tips, check out our blogs on how to keep your performer cool; the dos and don’ts of mascot performing; and how to choose a mascot performer.

Now that you know the various ways we can build vision into your mascot head, request a free quote to envision your custom mascot!

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