8 Weaknesses of Cheap Mascot Costumes

Everyone wants a mascot that is low-cost and lasts forever. However, unlike purchasing a custom mascot costume, there are weaknesses that come along with stock or cheap mascot costumes. You can find a cheap mascot costume on Amazon or through an overseas company for anywhere between $200 – $3,500. If you order one, these are eight possible weaknesses you can expect: 

1. Little to No Customization

By purchasing a mascot costume as is, you may not be able to integrate your organization’s brand into the design. Most likely, you won’t be able to add your own logos or color match your company’s colors. Mascot accessories, such as additional uniforms, hats, masks, and capes, will also have to be ordered separately and will not be custom fit to your costume or performer. Typically, cheap mascot costumes lack customization and the ability to make your custom mascot special for your organization.

Purchasing a custom mascot costume is one of the best ways to integrate your organization’s unique brand into your marketing campaigns. With a professional custom mascot, you will be able to customize colors, materials, outfits, and feet.

2. Missing Accessories or Costume Parts

Don’t be fooled by a low price for a mascot. You may only be receiving a mascot suit or a mascot head- not a full costume. Pictures of low cost mascots can occasionally be deceiving. If you are planning on ordering a standard stock mascot costume, read the item descriptions and size measurements carefully to know exactly what you are (and aren’t) receiving.

There’s no need to worry about not receiving a full costume when you buy a custom mascot costume. By ordering a professional custom mascot, you can focus on adding brand-building custom mascot props and accessories.

This mascot head arrived as is- if it had been a custom mascot costume, it could have been customized with brand-building mascot accessories.

3. Cheap Materials and Fabrics

Cheap mascots are often mass-produced in factories and not hand-sewn by professionals. Quality materials aren’t used, and the costume is prone to quickly wear out. If you plan to use your mascot often, going cheaper is not the best route. On the other hand, a custom mascot is hand-crafted and proper care makes it easy to extend your mascot’s life. The fabrics and construction methods used to create a custom mascot will leave you with a quality character for years to come.

The whiskers of this standard stock costume were glued on and fell off to the touch. All parts of a custom mascot are hand crafted and ensured to stay put.

4. High Shipping Rates

Most of the time, cheap mascots aren’t made in the USA. This results in high mascot shipping costs. You aren’t likely to realize the high cost of your costume until you’ve already placed it in your online shopping cart. If you have to purchase additional costume components or accessories, be prepared to incur additional taxes and shipping costs. By domestically purchasing a “Made in the USA” mascot, your costume will not have to go through customs and will not incur additional taxes. If you need to ship the mascot back for replication, cleaning, or repairs, you won’t have to face high shipping rates twice.

5. Lack of Support

By purchasing a standard stock mascot online, you won’t have a very involved sales process and little customer support. Be prepared for a short sales process with no follow-up. If you receive your mascot and it is not up to your standards, you have no direct contact person or dedicated mascot salesperson. You likely will not receive any additional care or cleaning guides, which are essential to making your mascot costume last.

Although the sales process for a custom mascot may be a little longer, you will have a mascot and brand supporter from start to finish. A dedicated salesperson at a professional custom mascot company will help you design your costume and will ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

The purchasers of the pictured cheap mascot costume were unable to see out of the mascot head. Additionally, there was no screen in the mouth, so children could easily spot a mascot performer in the costume.

6. Non-Photogenic Qualities

If you’re thinking of taking lots of photos and videos of your mascot, you may want to consider more custom options. Typically, bargain mascot costumes aren’t very photogenic. The fabric, colors, and screen-printed features don’t show up well on camera. Additionally, if your mascot’s features are lacking, your character may not give off the impression you are intending for it to at events. A lack of detail in a mascot may cause a weakness of unrealistic features.

A custom mascot costume will only make your organization’s photos and videos better. In fact, proper mascot marketing can turn your character into your brand’s personal celebrity. Kids and adults are excited by custom mascots and love to take photos with them at company and community events.

7. Item Not As Pictured

Looks can be deceiving when you are buying a cheap mascot costume. Many foreign companies use photos of mascot costumes from custom retailers that aren’t close to the product they are offering. If there aren’t multiple photos or promising reviews about the item you are purchasing, you may not be receiving what is pictured.

A custom mascot costume won’t leave you wondering if you are getting the item pictured. An involved sales process will keep you updated every step of the way with photos of sketches and your mascot’s design. You will know exactly what you are getting well before your package arrives. For more tips, check out our blog on how to buy a mascot costume.

Cheap Mascot Costume Eye
The eyes on this mascot head originally appeared to be much more realistic. When it arrived, the eye details were made from felt. The eyes also provided no ventilation to the mascot performer.

8. One Size Fits All

Cheap mascot costumes are commonly sold with the belief that “one size fits all.” Unlike custom mascot costumes, low cost mascot costumes are not adjustable. Due to this, your mascot costume may not properly fit your performer.

Custom mascot costumes offer adjustability that ensures the proper fit and comfort for your mascot performer. Custom costumes won’t appear too big or too small when worn. Additionally, a proper sized costume allows your performer to move around and interact with your fans. One size does not fit all when it comes to creating a custom mascot costume to represent your brand.

The inside of the pictured mascot head was made out of styrofoam. The halo was also plastic and included no chinstrap. 

Keep in mind: Cheap mascot costumes may be low in price, but may have weaknesses when it comes to costume life, sales support, customization, marketing abilities, and quality. Investing in a custom mascot costume is much more valuable for your brand and won’t leave you guessing. If you want to further dive into mascot prices, check our mascot pricing blog.

If you are looking for a quality brand representative and high-level customer support, let Olympus Mascots help you create your custom mascot costume.

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