Mascot Vision: Inside a Mascot Head


You can clearly see a mascot, but can a mascot clearly see you? Depending on the mascot design, there are three different types of mascot vision available. Mascot vision can be through the eyes, mouth, or a specially designed foam shape. “See” the mascot vision possibilities for your costume!

Jolly Good Soda Can Mascot – Krier Foods Inc.

Jolly Good Soda Can With Fans

Jolly Good, a soda brand created by Krier Foods, first emerged in the 1970’s. Based in Random Lake, Wisconsin, Krier Foods began canning vegetables in 1913, and made the switch solely to beverages in the 1950’s . The Jolly Good brand and its old-time flavors are making a comeback with the help of their product mascot, “Berry Blue.”

How to Keep Your Mascot Performer Cool

Chico State Wildcat Mascot on Kids Bike

It gets hot inside of a mascot costume! If you’re looking for different ways to keep your mascot performer cool, check out this blog to learn about mascot cooling systems, cooling accessories, and more!