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Fundraising for the Cost of a High School Mascot

School Mascots can make a huge difference in a school’s spirit and can create lifelong memories for students over the years. But purchasing a custom mascot can be scary, especially when looking at the cost. That’s why you need to consider the price, the reasons you should get one, and importantly, how you can fundraise for your very own custom mascot costume!

How Much Does a Custom Mascot Cost?

When thinking about fundraising for your high school mascot the first concern you likely have is, “how much does a mascot cost?” The simple answer is that a typical custom mascot will cost between $4,500 – $7,500. This cost would come from a tailor-made, handcrafted costume that includes lots of customization options, a high level of customer support, and a long mascot life span. The price of a costume extends outside of this range when props, specialized fabrics, or special effects are added at customer request. These can enhance the wow factor of your mascot, helping to excite students about their school. For more information about the cost of a mascot read our more in-depth blog.

Why Should You Invest in a custom mascot?

Investing in a custom mascot for your school has many benefits not only for the students who engage with it but also for those having to maintain it. Some reasons you should invest in a custom mascot include:

  1. School Mascot Costumes need to fit different performers of all shapes and sizes throughout the years. When you purchase a mascot costume, you get the ability to put adjustable gear inside the costume such as foot straps, helmets, and shoulder straps to fit the suit to different performers
  2. Custom mascot heads can be easier to maintain and clean. This is done by having the head made of vacuum-formed plastic. This material gives you the option to disinfect the inside of the mascot head after every use, keeping your mascot head safe and comfortable for your performers. For more information about keeping your mascot clean check out our mascot cleaning guide.
  3. A custom mascot head gives performers good visibility to ensure their safety and professionalism. It does this through different vision placement options and adjustable helmets inside to ensure a clear line of vision for any performer. This keeps both your performer and the people they interact with safe!
  4. Investing in a custom mascot today can help you avoid the need to replace it often. By using high-quality materials that are sewn by professional tailors, you can ensure that your mascot will last for years to come. This gives you the best value for the finances and time you put into your high school mascot.

How to fundraise to cover the cost of a mascot

Fundraising for your high school’s mascot can not only help you gain the funds to be able to purchase one, but it can also raise excitement for its arrival. Getting your school and community involved in the fundraising process allows students to take pride in their new mascot and grows school spirit. Here are some ideas you can use to fundraise for your school’s new mascot.

  • Discount Cards: Partner with local businesses to join a discount card fundraiser. In this, people can purchase the card from students, and then when they visit various stores on the card they receive a designated discount there. This allows your school to gain funds from the card sales and allows cardholders to save while shopping.
  • Car Wash: Have faculty, a club, or sports team host a car wash outside a community area like a restaurant parking lot.
  • Alumni Donations: Send out a letter or email to past graduates asking for donations toward the new mascot. Many graduates would be happy to give back to their roots especially if you highlight the impact they can make on current students with their donation.
  • Appearance’s Voucher: Sell a pre-purchase voucher that can be used after your mascot arrives for it to make an appearance at events like birthday parties, community festivals, or even weddings.
  • Restaurant Partnership: Many restaurants offer programs where you can designate a night at the restaurant and a portion of the sales from that night goes back to your school. You can then encourage your students and faculty to dine at the restaurant on the planned night to support the fundraiser.
  • Read-A-Thon: Have friends and family pledge donations for every 50 pages a student reads during a set time period of time. You can even reward top readers with prizes like getting a pizza party with the new mascot!
  • Bake Sale: Have faculty and parents bake their signature goodies and host a sale at your school or event where students can purchase them. Students can support the new mascot and get a sweet treat at the same time.
  • Good ol’ Competition: Host a contest such as a pie-eating contest between faculty. Then, students can get excited about watching their favorite teachers or coaches do silly things while supporting the new mascot.

In the end, mascots can cost a lot, but with proper fundraising and community support, your school can invest in a memorable mascot that will make a difference in your school for years to come. If you need help establishing your mascot fundraising target fill out the form below for a free mascot quote!

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