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Mascot Head Cleaning Guide

It may be simple to wash your custom mascot’s shoes, accessories, and body suit between uses, but what about your character’s head? Mascot heads are the most difficult portion of a custom mascot costume to clean. However, it’s important to keep your mascot head clean and well-sanitized to ensure your mascot performer’s health and safety and your costume’s longevity. If you’ve been struggling with how to clean your mascot head, check out this mascot head cleaning guide!

First, determine what kind of material your head is made out of. Do you have a foam or plastic mascot head? Also, does it have fur or hair attached to it? A few steps of your mascot cleaning and sanitation process will vary depending based on what your mascot head is constructed out of. Mascot heads can be made out of vacuum formed foam, traditional sculpted foam, and vacuum formed plastic. You will find that some materials are easier to sanitize than others.

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Inside a Mascot Head

Cleaning Sculpted Foam vS. Sculpted Plastic Heads

Foam Mascot Head

If you have a traditional sculpted foam mascot head, expect cleaning difficulties. The material is very porous, which leads to accumulation of moisture and odors. Using and sanitizing this type of head often will lead to disintegration overtime and impact your custom mascot head’s overall longevity. It is important to keep your sculpted foam mascot head clean but be sure that any cleaning spray or disinfectant is thoroughly dried and wiped up.

If you have a vacuum formed foam mascot head, you can easily clean it by wiping it down with a disinfectant wipe or a solution of water and a mild detergent. Vacuum formed foam is much more durable than traditional sculpted foam and is less likely to disintegrate over time. However, because it is still a foam material, ensure that it completely dries.

Plastic Mascot Head

If you have a plastic mascot head, cleaning and sanitation is easy. Plastic heads can be wiped down with a disinfectant wipe or a solution of water and mild detergent. Additionally, the inner helmet component can also be removed to be properly cleaned. Plastic mascot heads are much easier to clean than foam mascot heads. Due to this, you can expect less of a build-up of sweat and odors over time.

Want more pros and cons on foam mascot heads? Check out this blog.

Cleaning Mascot Head Fur

Perhaps your custom mascot head has hair or hair attached to it. If this is the case, spray a bleach-free disinfectant on the hair or fur material. It is recommended to test the spray on a small hidden piece of fur to make sure it does not cause any damages. After cleaning, a mascot brush can be used to brush out the fur or hair. Although brushing can make the fur appear neater, avoid over brushing- as this might pull out fur.

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When to Consider Professional Refurbishment

If spot cleaning isn’t getting you the mascot head cleaning results you are hoping for, it may be time for professional mascot cleaning and refurbishment. Regular professional cleaning and refurbishment is recommended every one to two years and will help extend the life of your mascot. A good time to send your mascot head for cleaning is during your character’s off-season. Visit our cleaning and repair process page to learn more.

Remember: it is important to spot clean your mascot head after each use. Proper mascot head cleaning will ensure the health and safety of your mascot performer and can aide in extending your mascot character’s life. If you’d rather leave the mascot head cleaning to the professionals or if your head is beyond routine spot cleaning, request a quote below!

Need Help Cleaning Your Mascot?

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