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Four Reasons You Need A Custom Mascot

Mascots are an extension of your brand’s identity. They can frequently be found at trade shows, sports games, schools, and all over social media. This is why it is so important to buy the right mascot the first time. Having a customizable mascot costume that is made with durability and adaptability in mind is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a mascot. You may also want to consider the activities you expect your mascot to perform, and whether you’re going to want your mascot costume to be compatible with future mascot accessories.

As you may know, a mascot can be any object, person, or animal. No matter what the mascot is designed to look like, at the end of the day they are all being used to represent an organization, company, product, or service. If you’re considering getting a custom mascot, you may be asking, “How can a mascot add value to our organization?” or “What impact would a mascot have on our brand?”. Below, we are going to attempt to answer some of these questions for you. Hopefully, you can walk away from this article knowing a little bit more about the benefits of custom mascots over their mass-produced counterparts.

1. Custom mascots personalize a brand

Think of a mascot as a way to personify your brand. There is no substitute for the amount of customer interaction and experience a mascot can provide. The ability to physically connect with an audience is a much longer lasting brand impression than just viewing a TV commercial. If you’re looking for ideas on what to base your mascot on, consider your brand’s history. Perhaps your mascot character played a part in how your organization came to be. This is a great opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity. After all, a custom mascot with meaning adds an image to your organization that a logo itself cannot.

If you’re having issues coming up with some mascot ideas, there’s no need to worry. We have a blog that’s perfect for you!

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2. Mascot costumes get attention

Mascots naturally draw your attention. They’re usually tall, full of bright colors, and look… well… pretty funky. It’s this sort of oddity that activates our curiosity. This allows mascots to stand out amongst the crowd and hold people’s attention. Imagine attaching your brand’s logo to such an attraction. Even if it just appears on a hat your mascot is wearing, people are going to look at the mascot and associate it to your brand. Consider this possibility when designing your custom mascot. Ask yourself where on the mascot costume the ideal location for your logo should be.

We’ve talked a lot about design in this blog post, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed! Thankfully, we can provide this design service for you.

3. Mascots strengthen relationships

A mascot builds brand relationships. Think about it- when alumni recall their school days, they rarely forget their mascot. One of the main purposes of a mascot is to strengthen both internal and external relationships. Internally, having a custom mascot character can make a workplace more welcoming and exciting. Externally, a mascot’s meaning to the public can include having a friendly and silly character to interact with at events. No matter someone’s age, nothing beats giving a custom mascot a high five or a hug! We invite you to read some of our customer stories, they’ll give you a real life example of the influence a custom mascot can have on a brand’s customers.

Truceratops With Fire Department
Tormenta FC Bolt Mascot Free Hugs Sign

4. Custom mascots are cost effective

You can of course buy a mass-produced mascot costume from a big box store or over an internet marketplace. In fact, in the short-run, it’ll probably save you some money! But if you plan to use this mascot costume repeatedly, eventually you’re going to see some problems. 

Not only are these mass-produced costumes limited in customizability, they are usually lower quality in terms of stitching and materials. As a result, they fall apart much quicker, and may not be the easiest to clean and maintain. If you ever have to look for aftermarket support for these issues, you’re going to have a rough time.

Think of a custom mascot as an investment, it does take starting capital to buy in, but in the long-run it ends up paying off. Doubly so if you have an effective mascot marketing strategy behind it.  By investing in a custom mascot, you are investing in priceless connections and are opening the door to a new method of marketing. 

Hopefully we’ve given you a pretty good idea of why custom mascots are the ideal way to market your brand. If you’re looking for even more information, check out our blog on mascot pricing, or effective mascot marketing strategy. Otherwise, if you’ve decided that a custom mascot could be the right decision for you, why not request a quote? It’s free and there is no obligation whatsoever. 

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