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The Perfect Pair - Mascots and TikTok

Staying up to date with the latest marketing trends seems like a never-ending task and keeping your marketing strategy up to date is equally as tough. One of the latest marketing channels that has taken over in popularity is TikTok, and it might be time to you factor it into your mascot marketing strategy.

TikTok is a social media platform released in 2016 that serves up seemingly endless, highly curated, bit-sized videos. These short length videos have become very popular as of late, other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat have all adopted to offering this style of content as well. This shift in shorter video content has caused the marketing world to follow suit. It is harder now than ever before to grab someone’s attention and hold it. One strategy that has been making waves in the TikTok world is the implementation of mascots.

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Mascots And Brand Marketing

This new landscape of marketing comes with new strategies and tactics. To help you navigate this landscape and get a few ideas, we have compiled some examples of mascots who are TikTok stars.

As we all know, mascots grab attention like no other. They’re weird, cool, and not something you see every day. They stick out amongst giant crowds, they not only draw your attention, they command it. I mean look at these guys:

Imagine you’re scrolling through a newspaper and see one of these jump out at you. That would surely get your attention, at least enough to preview the article. Mascots provide the same lure on TikTok. Seeing a funky character interact with the world is a huge hit amongst audiences. Even doing something simple like the below examples attracts huge viewership:

Nothing too complicated here, just people in mascot costumes being silly. Look at the viewership too, each video boasts large amounts of likes and comments. All this attention was garnered by someone in a mascot costume just being silly.  

Now, if you really want to make an impact you can have your mascot do something like this:

If you view this video on YouTube itself, you’ll notice that this performance has 12 Million views, while the mascot’s official YouTube account (@cosmo_cougar) only has 96k subscribers. This video has been on YouTube for about 6 years, that’s comes out to around 2 million views a year.

Impressive for sure, but if we look at the same video on the mascot’s TikTok account…

The original TikTok video has 29.5 million views, with the account boasting 1.5 million followers, and this TikTok has only been up since November of 2019. That’s an average of 7.38 million views per year. That’s over 3x the number of views in less than half the time!

Ultimately, TikTok’s shorter format means more people are being exposed to your brand when compared to other social medias. Given that roughly 50% of TikTok’s audience are under the age of 34, this platform is an ideal way to target the next generation of consumers, workers, and investors. This is an effect way to get your brand’s mascot into the spotlight.

You can read more about TikTok’s Demographics here.


Brands Using Mascots on TikTok

We’ve compiled a list of The Top 5 Ways to use Mascots in TikTok. In some way or another, each mascot has displayed an aspect of TikTok that is driving customer and brand interaction. These are in no particular order. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Using an Influencer

For those of you unfamiliar, social media has led to the rise of what is known as “influencers.” Influencers are basically internet celebrities with large social media followings. Sedona Prince (@sedonerrr) for example, is a Basketball player for the Oregon Ducks with 2.9 million followers on TikTok. Here is a TikTok of her playing P.I.G. with the Oregon Duck’s Mascot:

This video is cute, simple, and is a fun way to promote the Oregon Duck’s athletics programs. At the end of the day both parties’ benefit from this cross-promotion, which exposes each other’s followers to one another’s accounts. This results in more viewership, exposure, and followers for both parties.

Our next example of Influencer and mascot collaboration comes to use through The Chicago Bull’s Benny the Bull (@bennythebull). In this TikTok, Benny is seen with Addison Rae Easterling (@addisonre).


It’s fine, I didn’t want to be in their TikTok anyway... #renegade @addisonre @doubleag00

♬ original sound - Benny the Bull

Addison has a whopping 86.6 Million followers on TikTok, compared to Benny’s 4.9 Million. This video itself has 8.4 million views, which is one of the most viewed videos Benny has on his account. Clearly, this influencer marketing strategy works.

2. Creating a Duet

A “Duet” on TikTok is when you record a video that follows along with another person’s video. Here we have the Seattle Mariner’s Mariner Moose (@mariners) dueting with a TikTok posted by Kim Kardashion (@kimkardashian):


#duet with @kardashianicon oh no not again #kardashian #mascot

♬ original sound - Tik Toker

Here is another great example between the Indianapolis Colt’s (@blue) and The Houston Texan’s (@texantoro1). Remember, these two are big time rivals! 


#duet with @texanstoro1 BING BONG 😂

♬ original sound - Delly

3. Interacting with top music

One of the most popular things to do on TikTok is use lyrics from popular music to describe a situation. Duolingo (@duolingo) is a language learning app, and in this example, they have modified Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen” with their own little spin:

Oddly enough, our other example is also a bird. A very Angry bird. Here we have the main mascot for the mobile game Angry Birds (@angrybirds). All he does is a simple little dance in this video, but look at his viewership!

4. Showcasing Products

Have a product you want to promote? Why not use a mascot? The Seattle Seahawk’s Blitz (@blitztheseahawk) mascot has a fantastic example:


Try find a NFL mascot with better shoe game! You won’t! GO HAWKS! #FYP #NFL #shoegamecheck #NikeCheck #Nike #Mascot #Team3 #Swoosh

♬ original sound - BlitzTheSeahawk

It’s subtle, but notice how they just showcased several Nike products without even mentioning the brand? Every shoe has a giant Nike Swoosh logo on the side of them. Make no mistake about it, this is Joint-Advertising at its finest. Notice the hashtags?

Our next example is a collaboration between Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob and The New Jersey Devil’s NJ Devil (@njdevil00) :


Getting your Bikini Bottom driver's license isn't really that tough @njdevil00 #spongebob #njdevils #mascot #cheersquad #allstarmoment #sports

♬ patrick type beat by jvst x - Tik Toker

For a little context, Nickelodeon’s TV show, “Spongebob” has several episodes of the show dedicated to its main character trying to get his boating license. He lives in a Pineapple under the sea after all. Having the New Jersey Devil apply for a boating license is a cute little way to get cross promotion.

5. Fan Interaction

Blue from the Indianapolis Colts (@blue) has two great examples. One of which is heartwarming, and one of which is hilarious. I’ll let you decide which is which:


Incredible moment for this Colts cheerleader 💙👏 @espnw (via @Colts Cheerleaders) #colts #nfl #cheerleader #wholesome #feels

♬ original sound - ESPN

These are great examples of mascots interacting with people. Both of these fans are going to remember this experience for a lifetime. They will walk away with positive thoughts surrounding the mascot and the brand it represents:


Beat the @jaguars 😂

♬ original sound - user831840572

TikTok is a great way to get your brand’s mascot out infront of a young audience.

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