Buffalo Construction, Inc. – Roman the Buffalo Mascot

Roman the Buffalo Mascot

From logos, to buffalo trophies and stuffed animals, to employees calling themselves “the Herd”, it is a huge part of the company culture. For the company’s twentieth anniversary, they brought their buffalo logo to life with the creation of a buffalo mascot, Roman.

Mississippi State University – Racing Cowbells

Missippippi State Mascot Racing Cowbells

Mississippi State thrives on its rich history of spirit and tradition. The cowbell reigns as the largest tradition at Mississippi State, and in 2019, the university worked with Olympus Mascots to add cowbell mascots to their fan experience.

Texas Roadhouse Mascot – Andy Armadillo

Andy Armadillo Texas Roadhouse

The Texas Roadhouse mascot, Andy Armadillo, has been around since the first Texas Roadhouse restaurant opened in February of 1993. Andy is the brand representative for Texas Roadhouse and embodies the restaurant’s family concept of making people smile, creating experiences, and having a fun atmosphere.

Two Men and A Truck – Truckie

Two Men and a Truck Mascot

Two Men and a Truck tasked Olympus Mascots to create their one-of-a-kind ‘Truckie’ in 2002. This addition to their marketing strategy was inspired by the design of a franchisee. To date, Olympus Mascots has produced over 40 Truckie costumes for franchises throughout North America.

Marquette University – Golden Eagle Mascot

marquette university golden eagle mascot

Marquette University uses its mascot to promote the university and engage their audience on game day. Due to an outdated look and bulky build, Marquette University worked with Olympus Mascots to redesign their Golden Eagle mascot costume and add new apparel for the school year.