Mascot Ideas - A Mascot That's Right For You

Picking a mascot for your school or company can be difficult. Especially if your name is not already associated with a character or animal. Here we’ll provide a list of mascot ideas as well as the values associated with them. This way you can pick which mascot best aligns with your brand. After you have some mascot ideas you can learn ways to narrow down your selection process with polls and fundraising contests. Then, you will be ready to start your journey of getting your very own mascot!

1. Pick the values you want your company to exemplify

If you need help coming up with your values some questions you can ask yourself are: “what do we do better than anyone else?”, “What draws you to this organization?”, “What sort of personalities and attitudes are important to the organization?”. There are many different mascot idea options to choose from, so it’s best to start by taking a good look at your organization’s values. This way your brand can be correctly displayed to your audience.

2. Match your values to an animal or character

To match your values to a character you can, for example, represent the value of strength by picking an animal of a large physical stature like a lion, bull, or bear. If you want to represent values such as creativity and fun you can choose an animal like a monkey, squirrel, or seal. You can even venture outside the realm of animals and pick a human that you think is a good example of your values! You could characterize things like a knight, famous pilot, or a role model in your organization. 

If you need help matching values and characteristics to mascots a list of ideas is below:

Mascot Ideas
Badger – independence, strength
Monkey – fun, creativity, games
Bear – strength, healing
Otter – laughter, curiosity, fun
Buffalo – endurance, strength courage
Owl – wisdom, prestige
Deer- power, gentleness
Parrot – Color, freedom, creativity
Dog- loyalty, pathfinder, friendship
Rabbit – serenity, swiftness
Dolphin – trust, loyalty, intelligence
Raccoon – resourcefulness, clever
Eagle- loyalty, freedom, sharpness
Ram – strength, intelligence, bravery
Fox- cunningness, speed, smarts
Snake – mischievous, cunning
Horse- strength, swiftness
Squirrel – intelligence, fun, energy
Lizard- agility, speed
Turtle - wisdom, longevity
Moose- wilderness, strength
Wolf – pathfinder, knowledge, strength

3. get your school or organization involved in the process

Getting your organization or school involved in your selection process can make a huge difference in how connected people are to it. One example you can do to do this is to send out a poll to your company or school asking the recipients to vote for their favorite mascot idea. This can help people in your organization feel connected toward your mascot because they are able to have a say in its creation. Another idea you could use to decide on a mascot is a fundraising contest. In this, people donate toward their favorite mascot idea in the form of an online donation. You could even do a coin and bill collection container as a visual for how much each character has received. This not only gets people excited for the mascot, but it also can help you raise money to purchase your mascot! If you need more fundraising ideas for your mascot read our mascot fundraising blog.

4. research examples of similar mascots

Research examples of similar mascots so you to see different design options for each individual type of character. This can give you a better idea of what you want yours to look like. You’ll be able to see different types of hands, fur, tails, and so much more! You can easily find examples of these different types of characters in our gallery. There you will be able to see the specific design options that have been made in the past. Then, when you get to customize your own mascot you’ll know what you do and don’t want. You can even take this one step further and host a drawing contest for your school or organization. You can have members of your organization submit their own ideas for what the mascot should look like to add to your ideas. This way your mascot can have its own personal touch from the members of your organization.

5. Request a sketch

Once you have your mascot idea and know what you want it to look like it’s time to reach out to a mascot-making company to request a sketch of your mascot. This will begin your mascot purchasing journey as you can get a professional sketch that puts all your ideas together. A sketch is usually accompanied by a quote for the mascot as well, which can give you a better idea of the cost of a mascot.

Once you have completed the steps above and are ready to request your free mascot sketch and quote, fill out our form below to start your mascot creation process!

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